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Standardized Sizes of Micro TapeFormers

Due to the extreme success of Micro TapeFormers with 10 years of development, we are happy to announce our new standardized range. 

This will enable us to provide a more streamlined production and a better service to you, the customer. Through working with you and other customers on over 20 different types of Micro TapeFormers, we have produced two designs that have delivered the most consistent and reliable results. Going forward these will be the only two micro TapeFormer versions available.


Please click the link here to see the new Micro TapeFormers range.

Contact us for more information here


See TapeFormers in Action!

Here is an introduction to our TapeFormer products.

20191031_104226 - Copy.jpg

USA Building Wire TapeFormer

A single TapeFormer designed specifically for forming paper tapes separately around the ground wire and then around the cores and ground wire.

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